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How it Works

As an example, if I was going to sell a Tuesday Nite Dinner, on Sunday,  I’ll send out a social media blast via Facebook.  The message will have a link to the web page.  Once on the web page, check the “What’s for Dinner” tab.  On the page you’ll find a photo and a description of what’s for dinner and most importantly the price.

For ordering, I’m going old school.  I’ll take orders either by email or phone.  Payment is by Venmo or Paypal.  Payment guarantees your order.  A confirmation will be sent once payment is received.  This is a first paid, first served operation.  Ordering cut-off is either once I receive 20 payments or 9:30AM the day of service

When you place your order, you will also designate your pickup time.  Pick up will be between 4:30 – 7:00 PM.  You will enter at the gate on Carola and pick up your order at the counter.

See the FAQ below.  If that doesn’t work, please call.


How many people does an order feed?

All orders are a single serving.  In the future I will run dinner for 2 specials.

What happens after 20 orders are received and paid for?

A notice will be sent out and the website will be updated stating ordering deadline has passed.

What happens if I order & send payment after the deadline?

Your payment will be refunded.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund after payment has been sent?

24 hour notice before your designated pick up time is required for all refunds.

Is there a limit on how many dinners I can order?

Yes.  I am only doing 20 dinners.  If you have a large order, greater than 5, it’s best to call in advance.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

On a case by case basis, yes.  I cannot do gluten free.

Can I do a half order?


Can I order just side dishes?

No.  You can order extra sides with your dinner but not just sides.

Do you sell beverages?


Can I dine in?

No.  This is strictly pick up.

Do you deliver?


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