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About Me

The best way to describe me is the conservative accountant who’d rather cook dinner than cook the books.  As a kid and a starving college student, I loved to eat but was too broke to support my habit.  With PBS as my instructor, my repertoire expanded from SPAM Ramen to Beef Wellington.  In 1991, armed with the cash from an IPO and visons of opening the next Chez Panisse, I quit my accounting job and enrolled in the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  That did not go well.  Neither did the attempt at small party catering that followed.  So back to accounting it was.  

I continued to experiment in the kitchen, take an occasional catering gig, roast pigs for charity and host the infamous PPP parties.  I officially retired from accounting and am now ready to do what I love best, cook for people and hopefully make a few bucks.

What’s the significance of Twenty$20?  For starters, I retired in 2020.  A couple of times a week, I plan on selling twenty individual dinners and more importantly, never charge more than $20 a meal. Why only twenty meals?  I’m a one man show.  Quality is important. I want to get things to you as hot and fresh as possible.  If all goes well, we could change the name to Thirty$20.

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